He broke up before deployment should I wait for him?

He broke up before deployment should I wait for him?
He try me in 2012 and i didn't want him because of our age diffrent im a year older than him and one could notice it. in late 2012 we had our 1st kiss and we were both in a relationship. we could keep hands from each other and try to do it undercover. my bf find out and i ask him to stop communication. in 2015 we started to communicate again a day before he go for deployment and he ask me to go in a relationship we were both single had unprotected sex i still dont know if im pregnant or not. he said when he comes back he want to start a family with me and i must move in with him and 2years after he want to get married. im not a social tipe dont go to clubs or drink alcohol. he said to his friends im his wife to be. ask me to wait for him but a day bebore deployment he ended our relationship what to do?


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  • Why did he break up with you?

    • we argue about something in his past and he said he dont want to talk about his past we should bult on the past

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    • Then don't wait for him, get on with your life. If he valued you then he wouldn't have ended it.

    • okay than thank you for you advise

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