How can he just up and leave my life?

My boyfriend just up and left my life after being together for a yr. I wanted closure & a proper goodbye. He broke up with me b/c I was attached but everyone in my life leaves or hurts me badly, so I try to hold on to everything now. I didn't know it would run him away!! He said last week we would talk but then deleted me as his friend on Facebook and IG. I'm 23 he's 21. I don't know what to do with myself. EVERHTHING in mykfe is going wrong at this point. How can he just say he doesn't care about me anymore and leave so easily? all I did was care! I was there for him like no other and treated him like GOLD. Took him out, went to see him when we wanted to spend time, bought him gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's day and sometimes just because. He has no car, no job, no money and hangs with the wrong people. People who treat girls any kind of way, drink and smoke every day and night. I honestly just want to die. What an inhuman thing to do to someone and what a terrible pain to endure while he's free and happy as I am broken. why has this been so easy for him? How can he say "leave me alone." "Idc care about you or what you're feeling" Im a good girl! I go to school, I'm a college senior, I have a job, a car... I don't understand! can someone please help me? It's difficult to go on about my life. is it bad that I hope he regrets this and would want to come back? Is it bad that I wish nothing but misery on him as he placed upon me?

Valentines Day

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  • He's either A. An asshole who never cared in the first place or B. Just doing the bandaid method... leaving like that hurts but maybe he's hurting too and that was just his "easier" way of handling things. I've done this before and it does come across as not caring... but it's just easier to just cut off all ties and move on.

    • but how? will he ever realize that I was a good girl and just because k came off annoying doesn't mean Im not girl friend material! He promised me he'd never leave. After we broke up he said he thinks about a future with me and would like me to be his wife. How can someone say this and still be okay with walking away? I'm shattered

    • He probably already knows that you're a great girl but there still that reason he wanted to break up. You should really leave him alone because talking to him doesn't really sound great right now. Especially if he's saying things like him wanting you to be his wife... thats just leading you on and giving you false hope.

Valentines Day