Divorce Legality Opinion?

"I, ____, take you to be my lawfully wedded ____. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, or worse, for richer, or poorer, In sickness and in health, 'til death do us part."

These vows must ALWAYS be taken VERY seriously! These vows are regarding the REST OF YOUR LIVES!
Personally, I think divorce should be illegal. It is especially important for people in religions supporting The Bible, which is also against it.

That's my opinion on divorce, anyway. What's yours? Do you think it should, or should not be legal, and why?
Also, an option if you are open to this part of the subject: What is your religion, and how strongly does it effect your opinion?
Remember what marriage IS. Marriage is a group of VOWS.
A vow is not an idea. A vow is not a deal. A vow is a promise, and a solemn one at that.

Never make a solemn promise unless you are 101% sure you can keep, let alone so many at once!!
Do note that I am not telling anyone to make it illigal, but simply stating my opinion.
Also keep in mind I am not trying to change your opinion. I am just saying what mine is, and asking what yours is.
If you don't want to talk about both of our opinions, that's fine. Just stop talking about yours.


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  • Religion and civil law need a divorce.

    I think both are beneficial, but they need to stay separate. You know, give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar and to God what belongs to God, kinda thing.

    • Do you think that would be possible?

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    • That's the thing though - there isn't a difference between the two.

    • In nation that exercises religious freedom, there is. Faith based beliefs are a covenant with God, the law is just the code of the land. The religious couple can abide by both, however.

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  • I agree entirely. Jesus spoke on it very clearly in Matthew 5, and 19. :)

    • I feel it has been forgotten by everyone who disagrees with me just what marriage it, as is said in the question's update.

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    • Have you seen "Mrs. Doubtfire"? It's a hilarious Robin Williams classic regarding divorce.

    • Oh absolutely! :D Classic from the 90's, love that movie.

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  • I believe that the issues surrounding this topic are because we use the wrong words, divorce is the dissolving of a CIVIL UNION, not a marriage, marriage is a sacrament, not a secular arrangement. For example, i believe that homosexual MARRIAGE should be up to the Church, whichever religion that may be, but homosexual CIVIL UNIONS should be fine. i think that one explains m position rather well.

    Respectful debate only please, insults will get you blocked.

    • A marriage (a proper, biblical marriage - God condemns homosexuality) is a contract with God. Something that NO man should break. But Jesus does allow for one acceptable form of divorce, and that's if one party commits adultery. The guilty party can no longer remarry, and the innocent party may.

    • i will not go into my issues with the Church here, i will simply state that i agree that marriage should not be able to be broken, unless it is annulled or adultery takes place. People who are not religious will get married, and separate, no matter what, i just think that if we stop calling the civil contract, Marriage, it will solve a lot of problems.

  • Marriage, doesn't mean shit if your hearts aren't in it. So, keeping people together that no longer want to be together makes no sense.

    • Says a man pic. Who answered as a girl?

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    • 1) I would not divorce you (nor marry you in the first place)
      2) Disappearance is not the same as divorce

    • You are extremely dense for someone your age.

      uoy evah tsum I rettam ton seod ytuaeb. Hail Satan.

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  • No divorce should not be illegal. There are many issues that can arise that for a lot of people can not be worked through. and divorce is the best option for the parties involved.

    I think I'm Anglican. But I'm not 100% sure. Religion has never been something that our family has been concerned with.

    • Name an issue you are sure can litterally never be worked out, as apposed to simply a difficult issue.

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    • Your opinion on divorce and my opinion on divorce differ.

    • I know. That's part of why everyone is different. Different opinions.

  • Yes. I disagree with you. So you're saying if a marriage doesn't work out they must stay together because they made a promise to a God who may/may not exist? If there's a God, he gave man free will to do as he pleases. So really it's a legal contract. Those can be altered or nulled.

    • God or no God, the deffinition of marriage is the same. It's a group of solemn promises. I'm sure you've been told "Never make a promise you don't intend to keep."?

  • I don't care what you personally think. You have obviously never Been married or a relationship.
    You marry in the hope it's forever and for security.
    Sometimes it's impossible to stay together and doing so would make you life a living nightmare full of unhappiness.
    You said you a religious, to condemn someone to unhappiness doesn't sound like very holy words to me lol.

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    • I get a notification every time my questions/takes get an opinion or opinion comment. Also doesn't matter that I am the Asker. We don't need to write Opinion Owner every time we reply to an opinion. And can't you see it's giving a link to another user, and a female one at that?

    • No you don't need to write opinion owner because it's in their opinion so they will get a notification!
      You write @theirname if you are writing on someone else's opinion and want to give someone else a notification to that opinion.
      But after a multiple conversations going on in a certain comment the owner of the questions does not get notifications for every response to comments after the initial first comment!
      But you obviously know so much and must of been around for that update.
      There is no reason for the @asker tag obviously, they must of made the tag for nothing right?

  • Marriage should not even be acknowledged by the government in the first place. It's a stupid, outdated religious ritual. Leave it to the churches that wasn't to bother with it.

    • How is this supposed to answer my question?

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    • All the more reason to get government out of the marriage racket then, wouldn't you say?

    • And if you go through and count how many responses to comments there are here you have not gotten notifications for every one lol

  • I disagree.

    what if a partner is abusive to their partner or children?
    what if a partner is a philanderer?
    what if a partner is simply a horrible human being?
    or for the religiously inclined... what if they are a liar, cheater, thief, dishonorable, sinner, etc?

  • Marriage should be illegal. Divorce is more successful than marriage.

    • Abortion is a common issue, too. Does that mean sex should be illigal?

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    • The vows of marriage are referring to those changes in life. A marriage says they will together deal with all changes life brings to them, whether they make their lives better or worse.

    • So what? So the government should intervene and say "you promised so now you're stuck with him/her?" This country was founded on person liberties. If you want to live under a fascist regime then move somewhere else.

  • Do you think the country should be ran like a theocracy? Should religion and government be one?

    Does the bible allow divorce if certain boundaries are breached in a marriage?

    • "If certain boundaries are breached?"?

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    • What about the police? If someone commits adultery, that person's spouse should be allowed to walk. Nothing you say will convince me of otherwise. Agree to disagree.

    • I was just continuing the conversation by sharing more of my opinion and letting you say more about yours.

  • Russia made it easy to have a divorce back in the 40's i think? You can look it up.
    And 20 years after there were lots of street gangs all over the country. Why? The children did not grow up with a family unit. ( go and hate me if you want)
    Look at 90 percent of the marrages today that end in divorce. Even though the husband and wife no longer are in love, and no longer even like each other. They still love there children.( I said 90 percent, not all, so don't give me examples of molesters. Exc...)
    If you are a adult and deside to have children, you need to be responsable to those children!!!
    Children need a family unit. A place were they feel safe. Guidance..
    Most divorce in MOP is just lazy people, who think only about themselves. You made the chioce. Now live with it. Pertect the children..

    • At times, some children seem better off in single adult households when and if their parents are combative or dysfunctional or have opposing methods and beliefs as a couple. Having a biological mother and father in a household is not a prerequisite for raising kids in a structured, happy family environment.

    • Yes Freddius, i agree.
      What i am trying to say is you made the chioce to rase children. You made a dicision.
      Now you need to stop being selfish and think of the children...
      Dysfunctional or combative relationship?
      Question. Can you have a Dysfunctional or Combative relationship at work?
      No they will fire you. So you learn to " get along " with your coworkers. Even though some of them you realy want to kick there arse..
      So are you saying work relationships are more important then your Children? I think not.
      You and your wife are adults. Find a way to live together... You made the choice, now live with it. We live in a Disposable society, and its sad to see marriage is the same.
      I saw a interview of a cupple who were married 50 years. They said that they " fell in love with each other 10 times" think about this, they must of fell out of love with each other a equal number of times..

  • Should be legal.

  • No one cares what you think.

    • If you don't care, and won't even try to give me a helpful opinion, don't comment.

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    • "In what ways have they changed?"

      Something tells me you've never been to a Jewish wedding. They're so different it's not even considered the same custom! That's like asking how different New York is today from the early 1900s only of by millennia.

      The vows of marriage didn't actually exist. They were not needed. Throughout history and culture marital vows (and duties) have greatly evolved. Even comparing modern marriage customs is baffling depending on region.

      "You can't be forced to marry.", the story of Jacob says otherwise when Jacob worked for his uncle to get the hand of Leah for 7 years and got Rachel instead and then worked another 7 for Leah! Laban gave, not asked, not consulted, not gently suggested his daughters to Jacob. Like cattle. And he gave his daughter Rachel, WHICH JACOB DIDN'T EVEN WANT, first!

      And that's just in Genesis. How can you speak of the Bible if you can't g get past the first book?

    • Correction: Leah was the sick one. Rachel was the hot one.

      The Bible is whack as fuck! 🙌

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