How can I get my ex back?

I dated a girl for 3 weeks while we were both on break. She goes to school 2 hours away and is really busy in grad school. We both had a great time together. I was a little clingy and over affectionate. Its not like I got angry if she didn't text back right away, but I didn't give her space and I think this pushed her away. She ended us 3 weeks after she wen back to school. I know she's busy and stressed out but I also know we are good together, I have spent some time since she left focusing on not being so overly affectionate and giving her space. I've texted her 2 times since then and she didn't respond, but I didn't really ask anything of her. I just got some stuff off my chest. (I wish I had just stuck to no contact but I can't change that) Anyways, Spring break is next week and she'll be home and hopefully relaxed. I still like her and know I'm the right guy for her. I want to start texting her and try and slowly start building up the connection while giving her space, showing her I'm not clingy. I was hoping for strategies and more specifically some good texts to send that don't seem too serious and will get responses. I've read slowly start sending her texts and make sure not to go too quickly or be serious, but I don't think "Hey, how have you been?" is good enough (or maybe it is, you tell me). She's a really nice girl and I'm a really nice guy. She's also physically attracted to me and it's not because I'm bad in bed. I'm pretty sure it's because she's stressed out and I didn't give her enough space and I was smothering her on top of her busy schoolwork. I've read a lot of different articles and I'm ready mentally, and if I can meet her in person then I know she'll remember how good things were. please help!


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  • just give her some space, question your and her feelings about each other, and if she still doesn't like you then just leave her alone. Good luck :)


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  • Good luck pal, give her space/time for a while and see how it goes...
    Worst case scenario at least you have not invested huge time in her.


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