How to be cold hearted when you need to be?

In short, im a very sweet girl that can't hold grudges for my own life, stay mad or firm about negative energy between me and someone else. Yeah okay i know this is a good thing and hard to find but its horrible how everyone has a say in my emotions. I dont want to loose who i am but i want to learn how to be cold hearted when i need to be for example when your trying to cut off your douche bag ex who treated you horribly and he's playing with your feelings.
I blocked him on instagram, kik, Facebook you name it. IT WAS SO HARD DOING IT, I did it long ago because i changed how i was trying to let others think im stronger than i actually am. But i do find excuses with myself to run into him during school, and i know he can feel the energy of me wanting him because i feel it alottttt and i can see from the way he acts how he's playing with it...
I see girls whos cold hearted that forgets their exs and even put them in their places when they act up, How do i do this? How do i make this a habit for other things too? Trust me i can act like idgaf but i do way more than i should and people who know me (like a boyfriend) knows how i am. (btw its been a year since we broke up :/)


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  • you're* idiot. Get mad.
    Just screwing with ya, uh it's not exactly something you just do. In general I'm really cold hearted and detached, but it's from having a lot of people come and go various ways.
    Girls get blinded in relationships and deal with boyfriends who beat the shit out of them, so it's not as easy for them. If someone fucks me over, lets say a girlfriend cheated on me, instantly done, ignore her, just nope nope nope.

    If I did still like her I just can't get passed that kind of bullshit, it shows they don't actually care about you.


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  • It's not being cold hearted... its learning from mistakes and shutting doors before villains can enter.
    Best way is to look at yourself as someone else.. If you'd give advice to someone like "stop talking to him as he is gonna hurt ya" and the such. Transfer it to you

  • Wow, just wow. I don't know what to say to this


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