What are the best ways of getting over ex?

What are the best ways to come over one's ex when you have been engaged for quite a time? Suggest most trustworthy solutions to get over it according to you keeping in mind it's pretty much harder.


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  • Find someone else. Best cure for me is to get back out there and date. Meeting new people makes me realize that my ex wasn't the only guy in the world and that other guys can be attractive for me too. Im not saying jump inton a relationship again but just meet new people and also do anything to help boost your confidence. Get new clothes or hair cut... Work out... Eat healthy... Do things to build you up and better yourself.

    • I can't help myself with it. Whatever i do my mind is diverted into her again and again and again.

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  • The circumstances surrounding the split are the source of your mantras, lessons that you must realize and incorporate into yourself once you both have left the connection. In order to better your future, you must benefit from the time and struggles of the past. Your heart needs to heal, but in time you'll learn to adapt to the prior scrimmage and express in ways that ladies will adore. At the same time, respect yourself, follow habits that will show you know how to take care of yourself. Be fit, speak clearly, try not to be timid or indecisive, have your stride. Solutions: immerse yourself in new knowledge, things you're interested in. What we expose ourselves to throughout the day will end up in our dreams, become apart of what we are in faint glimpses to the observer. Also, make goals, even small steps. The best revenge is success.


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  • Don't look for reasons why it happened. They don't need a reason, and rarely have one that would hold water. That's the first step.
    Down the track, your future wife (if you have one), will probably not even have a reason when she divorces you. That's life.
    Then go out and get banged, ASAP. That works well.


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