How to reach out to a ex boyfriend?

I haven't spoken to my ex boyfriend for over a year and the last time we spoke he said that he expect me to add him back when I am ready to talk to him again. I have been over him for a long time now and I am seeing someone but its the coward in me who hasn't sent him a message but I feel like I want to over come that. I was planning to send simple a message on Facebook like Hi, how are you? However, I don't have any expectation that he'll answer me but hey, at least I tried.


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  • "at least i tried". Tried what? what do you want to get in return of sending the message? "hey, i still love you" "hey, wanna hang out" "it was a mistake to split"?
    Why would you do that though, if you are with someone else now? You say that you got over him, but at the same time, you are scared of how he will react? That's crazy. If you were over him, you wouldn't even think to reach out to him after not talking for over a year.
    You might want to fool yourself that you are over him cause you now have somebody else, but that's not true.
    You have spent time writing on a forum, saying that you are a coward for not sending him a message sooner. That says something.

  • Why bother?


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