I still love him! What should I do?

My ex acts weird around me. He can't look me in the face but he stares from a distance he acts weird when he hears me talk about another guy or im around another guy. But he broke up with me so i don't know what to do or why he's acting like this he won't even talk to me. What should I do? I still love him


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  • Move on!
    This is just a danger zone u are in right now. If he liked u, he wouldn't have left u. So dont hurt urself more in the hope of something might happen.

  • Well , I have no idea why he broke-up with u , Coz from what I just read it seems that he still has feelings for u !! When he broke-up did he tell u the reason? if no maybe u should ask him and if u guys fought over something, I think u and Him would Like to fix things coz u BOTH still live each other... He gets jealous when u talk or are with another guy , He stares at u from a long distance coz he Is way too nervous to look in ur eyes from a close distance, He doesn't talk with u coz he is afraid to be rejected and he might be afraid of ur reaction... I really think this is whats happening, now u can decided to make the first move, Or just let him go... Good luck :) I hope I helped at least a bit and if not I hope someone else will ! :)


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