Is there a chance he is interested in trying again?

My ex and I dated for almost 3 years. When we broke up it was ugly. Name calling, a million tears and both of us coped in different ways. I started sleeping around and partying lots. He jumped into a relationship with a friend of mine and started using morphine heavily. We eventually were civil and he and I would talk on and off secretly via Facebook. Sometimes he would call when she wasn't around. I ended up pregnant, I'm 22 weeks now. He broke up with his new girlfriend and started to get off the drugs and contacted me the same night even though I had moved 10 hours away. A month later I came to visit. We spent a week together, talked lots. We slept together and snuggled it was like we were together but like at the beginning because it had been so long. When I went back home he sent me a text saying he loved me and always would. I now have moved back to where he is and last night I stopped by his place to say hi and he asked me to stay the night. We snuggled on the couch and did have sex. He got up in the morning for work and we snuggled more, he left for work but came back an hour later for more quick snuggles then he had to leave he said to let myself out and he would see me soon. I miss him a lot and I would love for things to work for us again. I'm wondering if you think he's on the same page or if I just happen to be comfortable and convenient for sex and him not being lonely.


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