How to convince him to try long distance?

I was dating this guy for just over a month and he ended things with me recently because of the distance (about an hour away) We really liked each other and if love it if I got another chance, but I don't know how I can make a long distance relationship seem like something worth trying. I know I should wait a while until feelings are completely gone but what are some things I can say to him without sounding forceful?


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  • You both consider an hour's drive to be long distanced? Bless your heart.

    • To be honest, I agree with you. When it happened I did not see an hours drive as long distance (I am saying long distance cause that's how he worded it) I just didn't want to start an argument over what he considered to be "long distance". I'll reword my question for you then: How can I make him see that an hour away isn't so far for a relationship?

    • Honestly, I don't know. I think he only used that as a cover up for something else. I just feel like if he really wanted to date you (or anyone for that matter), he wouldn't complain over a mere hour's worth of distance. He probably drives that far to and from his job every day, and it's not like he has to visit you every day.

      Tell him that you two don't have to see each other super often, that an hour's drive every other day or at least once a week would be fine and it would feel like nothing, and that it CAN work.

    • Thank you. I feel the same way. Our dates were only once a week to begin with. I said to him before if you liked me enough you would at least try. Thanks for your input.

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