Was I being too sensitive?

So this girl and I dated for two years off and on. she always complained I didn't care and when we got back together I was going thrush some military training and a lot of personal stuff. she ended things because she didn't think I was serious and didn't believed that I loved her. I got really emotional and you could tell I wanted to cry because I really did love her and hurt me to for her to say that. She said straight up don't cry even though she was. I never teared up or anything you could just see it in my face and hear my voice trembling.

I never showed this girl anything and she was always there attentive and loyal. Took her for granted and we've been through a lot. I ended up writting a long letter. Long letter hand written just explaining my actions and how I regret it saying I understand her decision to move on and accept it. Bought some roses put it in the in a bag and dropped it off to her at work. Went in quick said just read this and walked out.

I'm really bad at this stuff and feel like I came off way too soft. Was that too much?
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  • That is the most sweetest thing ever! No guy would ever have the balls to do what you did! I hope everything works out for you.

    • I've always been the tough guy that nobody can break. Feels really awkward for me. Don't want it to come off as 2 much.

    • You stated how you truly feel and you've done it in a romantic way. Who cares if you've always been the tough guy, tough guys have soft spots and I personally find a tough guy with soft spots truly amazing.

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