Is there a way to find out why she broke up with you while not making I awkward?

My girlfriend broke up with me about a week ago and she didn't tell me why. we are really good friends still and I don't want to ruin that, yet I really want to know.


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  • She probably looked at Justin Biebers poster and decided to mentally date him instead.

    You're young, girls do that when they're immature, she probably had like one conversation with her bff and decided she needed to be single. dont worry about it. if you want to get back together then directly ask her what happened, if not then just enjoy a friendship!

    • thank you for the advice the first and end part is what helped the most

    • no worries, i hope you feel better soon, i know break ups suck, at that age i was devastated when it happened but trust me you have lots of happiness ahead of you :)

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  • Give a little time
    A little space
    And when things are less emotional
    and calmer
    You might try
    Remember at your age hormones
    are raging through all young bodies
    they play tricks on your mind, and body
    Breathe, and let her breathe too

  • sure you have the right to ask, do it in privacy when it is just you and her, how is this awkward?

    • we don't like to bring up the relationship thing and ruin the friendship. it makes us feel weird.

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  • You're 13, that's why. No matter what the reason is, neither of you are mature enough to have a relationship. Move on, live on, blah blah blah.


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