Break up and ignoring?

Just curious, when there is a break up with someone you are dating, and there is no drama/fall out.. Is it usual to completely ignore each other afterwards? Or is that purely awkwardness?


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  • Some girls don't feel comfortable with talking after a break up. It's best to just not talk to each other for a while and no contact whatsoever. She may feel uncomfortable with talking to him or those feelings will come back. She can be really hurt but not want to show it. It could bring back pain if she starts talking to him again.

  • Some girls just don't feel comfortable talking after a heartbreak. They probably think by not talking to their ex that maybe it'll make them miss her. Or maybe she is just really hurt and she doesn't want to talk to him after that because it'll bring back all that pain and she might not be ready for it.

    • Good honest answer... Even if she initiated it? Would that imply she has doubts she made the right call? Just curious

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    • That's the thing that really confuses me, it's a conundrum. I know some girls will do this for exactly the reason you say.. but in honesty when your brushed off, walking away shows you respect yourself... the fun of dating lol

    • In honesty, I would of loved to have a chat with her

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