Need advice and other people's point of view. What to do?

Hello !
So I recently broke up with my gf and have been very sad about it.

Now my friend's girlfriend who was outside of the country when it happened, learned about it when I was chatting with her. online.

Then it started, she told me to wait that she comes back so she would make me "feel good". And wants that we travel together and do activities "just the two of us" she insisted on that point.

She is a very friendly cheerful person who is eager to make new friends and is cool with lot of things.

Now the thing is, I am very attracted to her and her personality, but I am afraid I'm reading her wrong. I also feel bad for my friend. I am not sure what to do, how to react.

Thank you for reading and thanks for your answers, opinions and advice in advance..

I also put a poll about what are the choices I have according to me, but please leave a comment.

Have a good day.
  • Tell the friend?
    Vote A
  • Ask her about her intentions?
    Vote B
  • Just go with it and have fun if the opportunity arises?
    Vote C
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  • While every part of me screams A I had to go with B. Here is the reason. If you ask her and she was just being overly friendly your gonna be storing up trouble between them that shouldn't have been there. If she reveals to you that her intentions are less than honorable then tell the friend or let him read the messages as proof that your telling the truth.

    • Thanks for your answer. I also think B is a good choice because I am confused with her words.
      But I don't know how I can bring that up with her. Even if she's a very nice and chill person.

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  • Yea ask what are her intentions straight up

    • Thanks for your answer,
      How can I bring that up smoothly? maybe I am just confused with her words

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