Should I contact my ex fiance?

I was in a relationship with my ex-fiance for 2 1/2 years. We got engaged after 2 months and everything was amazing. 6 months later we bought land, designed a house, talked to contractors and started to talk about wedding dates.

I should say that we were doing the long distance thing for the most part. I lived 1 1/2 hours away and spent most of my time commuting 3 days or so a week in order to spend more time with her. I should also say when I met her she had just sold her house and moved back in with her parents. So, most of our time was at her parents house..which was ok because they loved having us there. Fast forward a year or so and she decides she wants to move to Chicago which was three hours away from me. She was trying to find herself but we were engaged. I supported the move the best I could. Things started to get harder for us and we broke up off and on about 4 times with 3 week or so brakes in the middle. I did find out then that she was cheating on me with an old friend that she had kept in contact with over the years that just happens to be in Chicago near her. She broke it off with him when I found out and said she was going to move to my town.

Three months went by and she had a job interview in my town and told me she planned to move when she found a job. The day of the interview I got a dear john email breaking up with me. She said it was too hard to do it in person because she knew she would break down like in the past. She said that my town was not her dream. I have not talked to her in 7 weeks and have given her space. We always had a great time together and an amazing sex life. I love her and I want to either get closure or see if there is a chance she regrets her decision. Do I call or email her to see how she is doing or stay the course? I have called once and left a message about a week ago about what to do with the land...she sent me an email and said it was the safest way for her instead of calling because she always breaks down when she hears my voice or sees me.
Should I contact my ex fiance?
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