How should I deal with heartbreak?

I'm suffering from a broken heart, I don't want to go into the details of why I have it. But what are your remedies for a melancholy person who doesn't want to get out of bed?


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  • out of sight out of mind.

    ex means ex communicated. most people stick around lying to themselves and pro longing the detachment pain through false hope etc .

    i just lived... been heartbroken once and it sucks but it does get better after a yr or two


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  • u grab a needle and a thread
    u sit in a quiet place
    and u begin to slowly stitch. think of yourself, what you've been through, compared to where u wanna be.
    and u keep stitching some more.
    think of your mindset. u need to convince urself that u won't let this get u down. life goes on and youz a soldier.
    keep stitching slowly until ur finished.
    then u get up, and move on with your life.
    the stitching process is the easy part. the part u need patience for, is for those to heal. they'll leave scars of course, but they tell everyone else that ur a fighter.



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  • Grieve dont avoid it.
    Come in terms with it.
    Think of your next move. Hows school going? Have you visited any colleges yet?
    Are you and youd buds planning any trips soon? You should...

  • don't avoid it, come to terms with it and find a coping mechanism everybody has one, mine was buying myself is work, training and writing ( a ton )


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  • Just know that having a broken heart is something that might happen a lot.
    Its a natural thing and sometimes broken hearts are good (if you see the positive side of it)
    There's always a reason for broken hearts, always something to learn from then.
    You just gotta figure out how to heal yourself from it. No one can help you, but yourlsef.
    It might take time but you'll eventually move on.

    I like this quote : "The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it..." -- Nicholas Sparks

    Hopefully you find a way out of your heartbreak
    ✊ Stay Strong!

  • Get out and don't stay in


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