Another girl took my ring and he let her keep it over night

So I've liked this guy for a while. And I hadn't told anyone because I didn't want it to get around to him and for some reason it become awkward between us because we're really good friends.

But one of my friends and the guy she's with were sitting across from us...And my guy put his hand on my leg ... And that made my friend curios. So I told her I liked him.

Well come to find out he kinda likes me too. But I don't know if he know I know he likes me but I'm pretty sure that my friend told him that I like him.

But I had his ring at the football game last Friday but I gave it back so that I wouldn't have to explain it to my mother, but I got it back today and he took my ring. Well we had after school band rehearsal and this other girl took my ring from him and he let her have is and then "forgot" to get it back after rehearsal.

Am I just being paranoid or did he give the other girl my ring because he likes her to, or what?

I am so confused... I don't know what to do or think, and I would love to just ask him, but I don't want him to think that I'm majorly protective or anything.

What do you think?
Another girl took my ring and he let her keep it over night
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