What is up with him?

I have been seeing a man for 18 months I have just found out he has a girlfriend !! And she is pregnant woth his second child ! I confronted him and asked him why did he lie? He said he would've told me eventually and he likes me and didn't want that to put me off ! Then when I asked why get his gf pregnant again knowing he's cheating on her and he said it's because he wants more children :O and he loves her and he said it's possible to love more than one person etc I
Shocked and upset ! She obviously doesn't know he's been cheating on her with me and vide versa ! I'm left feeling sick and comfused and devastated :( what should I do
Sorry my phone swaps words
Just out of curiosity I found out who his gf was on fb , I wouldn't tell
Her but I saw statuses by her saying how excited she is about the new baby and how she loves him lots ( her cheating bf ) I feel upset for her :( I just hope he never gets caught


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  • Lol, that's a classic: ' I would have told you eventually.'
    He's obviously been doing this sort of thing for a long time, with lines like that at his fingertips.

    • Yes he told me he has cheated on his gf twice before !! But he told me it's only been me no one else ,,, I feel sick

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  • Sounds like his juggling two relationships, but he's a really bad juggler and he's dropping both. As he's doing with you, throw him away.

    • Your right , and he's said he loves me and doesn't want to lose me :(

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    • Before I found out he was so lovely to me

    • That I will miss

  • I'm shocked too!


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