Is someone so easily forgettable after six years?

I was with my gf for six years. During that time she left me three times and cheated on me once that I know of. Every time she left, she blamed me, then turned around and said that wasn't true when she wanted to come back. During the whole relationship, I was loyal, faithful, and always waited for her to come back. Sometimes it took months and once an entire year. But the last time, I finally was at fault for something and she amputated me completely. I didn't get the patience or forgiveness I gave her for six fucking years! I was devistated. She's reached out to me a few times, and then she crushes my hopes and disappears again. Last time, we swapped messages and we were getting along. Then she says we can't be friends because she's seinf someone. I feel completely toyed with. What is she doing?
Yes I made a mistake, for the first time ever, and she's made tons of mistakes in our relationahip and she's got all the get out of jail free cards one could get. My angry voice says that she shouldn't win. She doesn't deserve to be better off. She beat me into the ground and gets away Scott free and I'm the one left with all the guilt and sadness.


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  • You are better off without her. Consider yourself lucky.
    Next time have defined boundaries and guard them. Don't let a narcissistic woman walk all over you.
    Heating and betrayal in general must be a deal breaker.
    Start a fresh new life, wiser. Above all don't become bitter, it only hurts you.


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