My father is cheating on my mother, what should I do?

I've known for a while, small hints along the way like him coming home later, text messages, unexplained whereabouts. I know who the other woman is, she's a young ex co-worker and by young I mean she's almost my age!! My dad is 53!

I am extremely close to my dad, I have been all my life, I am a daddy's girl! Which is what this is so heart breaking. My mother and father have been together most of their lives, they met when they were 16 and 18 and been together since.

I don't have the heart to tell my mother, it will completely break her heart. Also it would break my family.

What should I do?


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  • Tell your father that you know and that he should tell your mother, cause if not, you'll do it. Your mother has to know.
    But are you 1000% sure that he's cheating?

    • Yes I'm sure, he's saved her with a different name in his phone, and some of the texts have been 'had a great night' and I don't think they'd be playing scrabble at night.

    • Ok, I was just saying it because you have to be completely sure, you can't make a mistake, plus, you gotta prove it.

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  • I would talk to my dad first. If the whole family might find out I would ask him to tell them himself after figuring things out. If you are willing to ignore it and make him stop seeing her you could lie to your family, it might be best not to say anything when other people will be very hurt.

    • I've let it go for about a year now to save everyone from getting hurt. I hate confrontation so it's going to be a very hard conversation to have with my dad

    • He just needs to see you say it's bad, if he doesn't get it after that you can tell your family but give him a chance to feel guilty first.

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  • If your parents' marriage is like most "normal" marriages, your mother has been refusing to have sex and rejecting your father for about 20 years. If that's the case, he is not cheating her of something he tries to offer and she is refusing to accept.
    No-one can be accused of sexual cheating, when there is no longer any sexual relationship, and hasn't been for years. They may just have a financial contract (marriage) and nothing else.

    Talk to your dad about it, but he may not seem so evil after you've had that talk.

  • Confront your dad, explain how it is hurting you and how he's put you in a bind.


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