Do I have depression over my first failed relationship?

It has been a year since we broke up and I have not really talked to her since then although we are in the same group of friends. I see her everyday, and whenever i am by myself, my mind still tends to drift to our past and how good it was until she dropped me without a single word and never gave me the reason why. She just left like she didn't care. I was bitter, angry and betrayed by her for a while, we were best friends for a long time and I felt like she would never do this to me. But no matter how much I hate her, deep down I know that I still can't let her go because memories of our good times keep coming back no matter how hard I try to distract myself. We eventually talked it out last month after it blew up and although I ended up accepting her apology I am still. so. bitter about it deep down but i cannot show it. Its been a year and honestly I don't really have a trust for anyone anymore because the one person I thought I was going to be best friends with even if the relationship failed destroyed my views. I don't feel like I will ever be good enough for anyone. I realized that in life there will always be one person better than me and when that person shows up, she will leave me for the better guy and i will be alone by myself again. That is my biggest reason why I fear relationships. At this point, should I even give relationships a second chance? I've been feeling like trash for the past year, and I do not know if i ever want to pursue in future relationships if they ever come.


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  • What you don't have is something called closure, which means that you feel you can't move on, because it was abrupt and not explained in a contructive way.

    • Hey, thanks for answering but I do not think i will ever get closure, when she first decided to ignore me out of nowhere i tried to talk it out with her but whenever i asked her why, she would tell me she "I dont know, its complicated, I am confused right now" is there any way to get over this without closure?

    • Some people become overwhelmed by anxiety when they try to be with someone. She probably doesn't understand it herself so she can't explain it to you.

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  • Not all girls are like her you know I had a gf that was my best friend and after we broke up she said we will always be friends but later she told me she loves me and yea it was awkward but we are still friends


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  • If she dropped you like she didn't care... She didn't care. That's the cold hard truth, buddy boy. Make new memories to replace the old ones. Chin up, buttercup.


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  • Sounds like you do.

    Do some writing. It's therapeutic.


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