Dang... Not another Facebook like question... Someone shoot me now?

Okay boys and girls, i've got to ask this because her behaviour is boggling me. Almost 3 months we've been without ANY form of contact: No Facebook likes, no Facebook comments, no chat, no whatsapp, nadda, ziltch, NOTHING... I've even posted cool stuff from people like Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Wayne Dyers and Eckhart Tolle who speak powerful messages. I've posted other cool things, funny things, stupid things, things i regret posting, etc... and she didn't even bat an eye lid... For almost three months... Yet now, she's starting to like stuff I post again... Even things she never liked even when we were together: Political Discussions, Advancement in Tech... stuff i know from my time with her that she has no interest in what so ever.

And she doesn't like EVERYTHING on a daily basis... She's liked 2 things this week that were the last things i'd expect her to like.

Now in the beginning when we did date, she liked fucking everything, except the political stuff, though she did observe my debates. Then she dumped me, i walked away leaving the door open for her to contact me if she ever changed her mind. After that, read the first paragraph.

Now before you go on about it just being something she liked in that moment, i agree.
HOWEVER, if that was the case, then i'm pretty sure she'd have liked things before now, right? And it's weird how she does it... she doesn't do it straight away, and she always seems to like the last post i posted on my timeline...

The post she liked first, she waited 3 days to like it. The 2nd post she liked straight away and was about Anonymous telling Kanye West to quit with his bullshit (Again, political matters that she never before showed interest in).

I'm not going to ask why she's liking my stuff, because that's been answered countless times. I'm asking about her BEHAVIOUR for all you psych majors out there. Why does she go from complete disinterest to actually reading my posts and liking them again after 3 months?
And just to add... the likes are subtle too. Like a cat that's unsure about sitting on your lap, but slowly does it anyway in such a way that it hopes you don't notice... Fuck... i need coffee...
Oh, and she isn't an avid liker... in fact her activity on Facebook is pretty minimal outside of messenger.


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  • Is she an ex?

    • Yea, she is... I don't really care because she'll have to do more than that to get my full attention again, but I am curious as to why she went from complete inaction to now taking action. Even though it is subtle and meaningless...

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    • She lost interest because i was doing too many things wrong... I wasn't all that experienced in the dating/seduction game, and turned her off by displaying insecure, needy behaviour. It wasn't her fault she lost interest, it was mine. Since then i've learned a thing or two (hence the walking away part). Whether she's worth it... well, only time will tell on that one.

    • Ah, I see. Well take this second chance if you will.

  • I didn't even read all of that. But just to answer your question... Anyone is free to ask whatever they want.

    • Oops sorry maybe u should've read it.. sorry sorry­čść

    • ***i

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