Is he interested again?

Okay so me and my guy friend had something going on for about a year & a half we both went through a rough time and ended up taking it out on each other, in the end he ended things.

The break up was bad & he got with someone shortly after. I went NC and 4 months later he contacts me. Things with this new girl had come to an end & he apologised to me for everything that had happened.

We spoke a little he asked if I had met anyone, suggested about meeting to catch up etc. He then texted me the next day about his problems. After giving him the hurtful truth we didn't speak for a week. I messaged him later on in the week after finding some pictures of a group of friends we went to a festival with (he was in it).

We spoke a little while, he got all funny when I told him I was off to magaluf soon. I ended the conversation because he seemed in a bad mood. He messaged me a week later, saying that he was sorry for accidently facetiming me last night (when he never) we then had a long hour and a half chat. In which the past was brought up, it felt very much like the old days. Massaging was brought up which was like a thing between us & he also made a comment about when I sleep and how I giggle & how it wasn't a bad thing though.

He's pretty much initiated the conversations, except one. And has been messaging me once a week. Does it sound like his interest is growing again?


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