My ex boyfriend behavior is wayyyy weird, can you pls give your opinion?

A little background,

My ex boyfriend is a devoted buddhist, very spiritual, seems to have commitment issues as the girls he dates never exceeds three months mark.
He and i date for one week, with two months courtship, he seems to be so in love with me the first two days, but after that he changes completely. After meeting his friends.

I am not sure what is the cause of the breakup, we only have 5 times of contacts all via text.
3 was initiated by me, the other 2 was him

In every contact we had, he seems to be recalling the past a lot, he called me by my nickname, he remember every little things i told him
but he cut the conversation short, telling me that he needs to work?
i am not sure if he's moved on already or not?
do you think he moved on? but in every conversation he subtly hinted that he was thinking about me a lot.

i thank you for every opinion you had, points for the most helpful person!


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  • Try to give him time...

    May be he is very busy at his work or may be something bothering him... try to find that problem and let him on his own for sometime.

    I bet that everything is alright after that


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