What do you when a guy broke up with you blames you for everything?

On Thursday I asked the guy I was dating where we stand and he suddenly said that he told me that when I was away (I recently came back) which he never did and after that he kept blaming me for this. I went back to the conversation where he supposedly said that he wanted to see me as friends and he never said anything about that and I showed him and he said that its not his fault and couple of later days later after the conversation he supposedly said that he wanted to see me as friends when I got back, it was Valentine's day and he sent me message because I was still away. At the end of the conversation he said that I was a control freak and that he didn't feel like talking. The part that is funny is that last Friday I asked him if everything between us was fine and he said yes, everything is fine.

He even said that he did so much nice stuff for me but he never got anything back and he said that he has complained about it which he has never done. And the thing that hurts the most is that I never gave up on him even though people told me too, I always defended him when people talked bad about him, I fought for him, I always made sure to wish him good luck on his exams, I opened up for him which I never do with guys, I told him things I usually I feel uncomfortable talking about and I wonder how many girls are going to have patience with his mood swings? I don't think many girls are going to do that, and I did but to him I didn't give him anything in return.
My friends told me that I shouldn't feel that this is on me but its all on him but I can't stop blaming myself. I'm just so confused, and hurt and I also feel so embarrassed.
He hasn't deleted me from social medias. He told me that if he don't want people in his life he makes sure to delete them and block them...

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day