Why is My Lover Acting Different?

We Been Together Since September 9 2013. He Was in Trouble with the law but I still wanted him. But I wanted to better him. I told him to turn himself in and I'll stay by his side. He said okay but we got into an argument & he decided to let the cops catch him. He went to new York to try and run from the police but we'll talk every night and day. 2 weeks later he came back just to he with me. Oct. 31st he finally got caught and taken to jail. He called me And told me And I promised to stay by his side. And I did just that. I was loyal and faithful. I went to every court date , every visitation. Everything shirts made , pictures made , coats and even put his face on my birthday cake. We wrote one another every week and he filled my head with this fantasy. told me he loved me he was in love etc. So I got his name tattted a couple months after he got out and he got mines tatted as well. He let me meet his mom , grandmother , aunties , uncle and his friends he was proud to say I was his girl that held him down. Our relationship became rocky. We always argued about little things. Simply because I didn't trust him because of my past. So I blamed him I thought he'll be the same but he wasn't. He tried to kill himself Jan 4 . he took a lot of pills and alomost died. I called the ems And he was rushed to the hospital. They kept him for 5 days And I was by his side through it all. When he got out I told him I got drunk with a female and a guy friend a d he was upset. we argued about it then left it alone. a week later it was brought back up and things got physically. We were separated for 2 weeks but I'll call him and text him and he'll just brush me off saying its better we go our separate ways. But one, day he was going through something and he was talking about giving up so I texted him that night and he finally texted back. We finally had a coversation with no arguments. 2 days later he called and asked if he could see me. I went over and, stayed a couple nights and


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  • He's trouble and you're an enabler and co-dependent. Get help for you before you try and help others.


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