Is my ex-boyfriend in a rebound relationship?

Hi, I realize that I should not worry about whether or not my ex is in a rebound but there are reasons why I am worried about him. And sometimes I believe listening to other people's advice and experiences can help you get over certain road blocks. :) I had been with my ex for almost 7 years. We broke up about 7 months ago, he had been showing signs of distance, lying, and was manipulating me, so I asked him if he wanted to break up, and he finally admitted he did. He seemed very depressed due to not getting into grad school and started a new job with new friends, and started meeting a lot of people. About 2 weeks after he met someone on Facebook and immediately got into a relationship with her. I ran into them in public soon after that and she got in my face and started screaming at me. I cried and had nightmares about that for months. They moved in together almost immediately.

Anyway, so she is constantly posting pics and videos of them making out and whatnot on social media. I hear through the grapevine as I have blocked them both on all forms of social media. I had not seen my ex in 6 months, until I finally decided to sign up at a gym and I ran into him. He seemed awkward and sad, so I avoided him and kept to myself. After a few times, he had the courage to run up to me and basically apologized and said he lost a lot of sleep over everything he had done. He said he missed me and wanted to be friends. I politely declined and said it was inappropriate. He called me "babe" on accident and apologized for falling back into old habits. He said it was hard to be around me. He hugged me goodbye even though I did not hug back and he looked unhappy, even though he said he was doing better in his life. He has been using drugs and spending all his money and has gone broke on this girl. They also drink every day, and I am worried about him. He claims to be in love with her to everyone, but I wonder if he will be okay and if he will ever realize his mistake?


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  • He made no mistake. He's happy.


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