How to meet people after a divorce?

I'm asking for my mother who is in her early 50's... I have absolutely no idea what to tell her! She tried online dating, got some pretty non-satisfactory results. She's joined a couple classes as well and hasn't really met anyone. So, what's a good way to meet a straight, non-serial killer man in his 50's? Thanks all!


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  • Has she thought about actually asking men in their 50s about this? At our age, we 1) don't want drama, 2) want minimum baggage, 3) want to be able to trust our woman and that she's not a chatterbox about private issues, 4) has her act together.

    • I mean most of her male friends are married, so they haven't really had helpful responses. And, totally un-biased here of course, but I think she passes for all of the above. She has a secure job, a lot of good hobbies, she's very healthy and in shape, and no kids left in the house and obviously not planning to have anymore so.

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    • Thank you so much - classes are a really good idea especially since she's looking for an intellectual type. Very helpful thanks.

    • Glad I could help. Again, I don't mind being messaged...

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  • What about joining a gym? Or a hiking club? Physical activity is great for anyone. And meeting people there means they are trying to get healthy, too. Other than that, I would suggest bookstores, hardware stores, and volunteer organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Or going to bars with friends, perhaps. But only with good friends who will look out for her. Also, throwing a neighborhood BBQ is an awesome way to branch out.


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  • The break up culture causes women alone in their 40s n 50s
    .. So sad

    • Also, quite unhelpful. Please answer if you have a response for me, rather than a misogynistic attitude. This happens to men as well that's why it's a separation or a divorce - as in two people. So, there comes not only a single woman, but also a single man.

    • Lol how can u say it is misogynistic?
      Fact is bitter...

    • Because it causes also men to be alone in their 40s and 50s as well. It's not just a "depressing we should look down upon women" sort of thing. I really do not need your responses your first comment was helpful enough, thank you.

  • Yeah, she's fucked.


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  • Can she maybe try a single seniors' cruise or event? That way she'd be able to meet other successful people her age.


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