How do I get my girl back?

We broke up three weeks ago. It was not like I wanted to but she said she was not happy with me anymore and I had no choice. I love her so much. I am a faithful lover and I had never thought to cheat on her. And I always cared on her. Problem is while attending university, I passed job exam and had to move another town. While I am working, she met hardship but she didn't tell me nothing about it. And then, little by little, there were some problems between us and finally she said she don't love me anymore. That night, I thought that my heart became ash. I didn't cry but tears flow on my both cheeks. I had tried to get back her love and the result was... I can't forget the day we broke up, we took selfies together a lot, we go some places, and watch videos together and finally in that evening we broke up. Tears flow endlessly from my eyes although I tried my hardest to give her my smile, but couldn't help. Now I have nothing in my chest. It feels like all of my happiness are drained out of my body. Now I'm pretending I'm happy in my surronding but my inside is dead. How can I get her back? I miss old days we are together. Why she can't understand me a little? She knows how much I love her and why she is that cold hearted? why she can't wait me while I try my best to build a life together with her and couldn't contact her. Are all girls are like that? They can't endure long distance relationship? please someone advice me how to get her permantely. Now I'm totally look like a needy person. Huuuu. If u met some kind of hardship like me, teach me how to overcome it. Thanks U all.


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  • I know a girl who has successfully maintained a long distance relationship so it isn't all women. Also don't try and get her back, if she can't deal with a little distance when she knows you love her, she isn't for you. You need to find someone who will be just as invested in the relationship as you are, and will tell you what needs to be said, and will try and help fix whats wrong in the relationship. You just need to find someone more matched to be with you. Don't give up. You need to grieve the relationship and let yourself know that you will find that girl who won't give up, and will fight for you. Let yourself heal, stop torturing yourself.


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  • Was in a 4 year relationship once and one day she turned round and decided she didn't love me anymore. So I kind of know how you feel. It broke me bad at the time, but a few months and it got a lot easier.. Now I'm glad it happened because I know it was a bigger loss to her than me.

    So I think it does happen and will even have happened to people married for years.

    Essentially it's not your job to do something about a feeling that's out of your control. If there was a problem it was her mistake not talking to you about it, not yours. If you can't talk about your problems you won't get anywhere in a relationship, no matter how perfect the other person is.

    So it's not your fault and it's her loss, clearly you are a nice guy who wears his heart in his sleeve. Not many guys can, so that's a bonus! Many girls will see that trait above anything else. The ones that don't like your ex are not worth even thinking about.


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  • No, they aren't all like that…

    You want her back? Focus on you and making a life for yourself. Be everything you want to be and then some. I know that may sound weird, but honestly, thats the best thing you can do… don't contact her, don't talk to her and focus on making YOU better.

    She's going through some stuff, and its not for you to sort out for her… She may burn herself to the ground… but it's not for you to care. Your only focus should be yourself. She may have been the most awesome lady in the universe, but you shouldn't let it affect you… because at the end of the day, you only have you to answer to you.

    Trust me my friend, I've gone through something very similar, very recently… and take it from me… The best and only thing you can do is focus on you.

    The reason I say this is that, guess what? As soon as you are in a good place again, she will be knocking all over your door. It's just what happens in any major break up.

    You will be ok. Breathe and take stuff one day at a time, even an hour at a time, until you can extend the time further… Let her go and look for the opportunities that are staring at you in the face, and I'm not referring to women, I'm talking about life. Only you know if you should date other people. I don't recommend it, because the time you have after a harsh breakup is almost holy, in that you can spend the time truly focusing on yourself and learning to love yourself again…

    You didn't do anything wrong, don't blame yourself… just pick up the pieces of yourself, and put that puzzle back together, but better than before.

  • invite her home one day and worship her


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