Is this relationship worth saving?

To sum it up:
- We met 2 years ago and it has been on and off... either he disappears and comes or I break up with him and he comes eventually.
- we rarely see each other and we don't communicate daily , but he initiates texts and calls mostly.
- He always says he is busy working-he 'forgets' we are going out. But he is not busy to go to the gym for instance.
- I am tired of this pattern. It'like I am with a man but not with a man.

I decided to end it, though there is something nice between us. It's the thing that brings him to me again, even after 2 months.

Do I just disappear or tell him face to face?



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  • Just tell him to his face as this relationship is addictive and the cycle won't break unless one of you actively breaks it.

    I doubt either of you are getting too much out of this apart from some nice things between you. That's friendship.

    • I mean emotionally and sexually. It's great.

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    • Ok, well that's good for you both but you are asking whether your relationship is worth saving. There appears to be little stability between you : you argue, break up, come back together, repeat. If the sex is great, where does the emotional greatness come from as you mention being tired of the pattern of your relationship? If you connect so well on an emotional level, can't you talk out the disconnection you experience every so often? Communication may be the keep to saving this then.

    • Girl you're absolutely right. By emotional I mean things like hugging, a gentle touch on the hand, a kiss on the head, cuddling... etc. I have never felt the same with a guy. Last time when he wanted to get back he called and said my place is in his heart- it's weird because I noticed he has no problem with disconnecting because he is sure he will be back. I asked him if he loves me he said yeah. He asked me the same. He is divorced and I believe he has some luggage and he may have a different understanding of a relationship. For me it's awkward if girls ask me if I have a bf. I just say no because we are not dating like others.

      Thanks girl

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