It's been 4 days since we broke up. But I'm not feeling good about it. Please help?

My girlfriend says that she had fallen out of love with me and no more interested in me. Those words made me break out in tears. I'm completely heart broken now and sick even. Actually I went to my hometown for 4 days where I fell sick and had like 13 throw ups and was hospitalized. I came back from there when I was feeling better and opened FB to check her messages. That's when she said this thing. So, even I called for the break-up. But, ever since then, I'm both mentally and physically ill cuz her thoughts wouldn't leave me at all. I'm reading all the conversations we had and see her photos to make myself feel that I didn't have break-up at all. How I wish I could die on bed. Because I can't imagine my rest of the life without her. What should I do now? I can't communicate with her because she doesn't like me. (P. S. We have our final exams in 8 days and I'm not prepared and I can't even concentrate when I open the book).
  • Beg her to love you back
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  • Delete all her photos and conversations and try to forget her..
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  • Die in sickness!
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(This is my first love but she already had 3 break-ups before this.)


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