I'm pregnant & I broke up with my best friend, boyfriend, my child's father. I need advice on how to move on please?

He really hurt my feelings, and said I was the one who changed everything. He doesn't understand why I'm so emotional. Then changed what he said & played a victim- like he was a messed up person & before I broke it off he was hanging out with a girl he knew I didn't like but won't say anything about her & they are the two people who hurt me the most so I felt like it was right to let them go. & he keep saying I was gonna keep the baby away from him which I thought he knew me better than that. I tell him what the Dr says & send him the ultrasound sound pictures. He said he wants to be a good friend to me for the baby. So I told him we're not friends but it can be a mutual understanding for the baby. I think I hurt his feelings & I don't know how to handle this situation. I feel like he disrespected me, He's not loyal at all & he seen everything I been through & still thinks its ok to do these things. I'm so heartbroken. He was upset I deleted him off social media but all I see is him going out & hanging out with my shitty ex friend... help
I didn't really feel like a priority or that I was in a relationship. It sounded like he said he'll think about it. After days & days I seen he was with her so I said I can't do this...


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  • That's why you should marry before you have a baby

    The poor baby


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  • Are you ready to become a single mom? If he cannot take the consequences of his action his not worth it. You dont deserve him. You deserve better. Being pregnant doesn't mean its the end of everything its the start of new you , a new beginning with your baby. You should try to focus in other things so you'll not be to depress its not good for you and your baby. Talk to your family and friends to lessen your heartaches.


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