It's been a year and my feelings are the same, is this normal?

It's been a year ago since I was dumped by my first love. I was devastated when it happened and I never really moved on. We did get back together and it felt amazing but long story short we're not really anymore, I don't know what's going on.. Anyways, I still feel that heartache I felt after the dumping like it was yesterday, I still get anxious just like then. My heart breaks. It's like nothing ever changed and my feelings didn't. I am wondering if this is normal? Will I always feel this way and why?


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  • I felt this way for a little over a year with my first real heartbreak. I knew we'd never be together but I always over played what happened in my head, and what I can do differently. Later I realize it was nothing I did, we just weren't meant to be together, no matter how but I thought we were. You eventually get over it, some days are better than other and some days are worse. It's completely normal. Everybody mourns at their own pace. Just try to work on yourself. Think out your life. You can do anything without him. You're better without him. Fake it til you make it. Eventually you'll look back and you'll think "I could have never done this if I was still with my ex." Heartbreak sucks but it's not the end of the world. Good luck.


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  • If you'll get someone better than him your this feeling will end 😊 be happy lovely lady


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  • I've felt this way over a year about the guy I like! See I don't even know if he knows I like him!


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