Ex boyfriend broke and threw everything I owned away what do I do?

My ex boyfriend and I were at a shopping center in the process of us leaving the shopping center he surprised me with a jewelry box as I began to open it inside the truck as we were driving away I discovered he was tipsy and he began to argue with me about things wrong in our relationship in the mist of are argument he slammed on his brakes in traffic and shouted for me to get out of his truck then he shouted for me to give him the gift back as I opened the door of the car and removed the seatbelt I threw down his gift on the center console and he struck my shoulder leaving my arm cut and his hand print as I jumped out into traffic he drove off as began walking he came back and began trying to get me back into his truck after about 45 minutes of him following me yelling another car pulled over to see if everything was ok and he took off before I could make it back home he began texting me saying he had taken everything I owned and all the school clothes and shoes I had just gotten my six year old and ran it over and but it in the trash then he began to text me that he wanted his ring back and then just a lot of threats to hurt me we dated five months and he destroyed everything I owned I didn't call the cops and Its only been one week ago this all happen I don't have the receipts to a lot of my belongings because I haven't went back to his place after he sent the text of all my stuff being destroyed and thrown out can I take him to court


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  • Wow, just wow. Everything gone. But you and your son are safe. First know that despite all this, your life is so much better than when you were living with this unstable piece of human waste.
    If friends and family can't help you then go to a women's shelter and tell them your story. Whatever else you do NEVER go back to this douche.


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  • Call the cops! File a report. Get a ppo. What a piece of trash.


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