GUYS: Is there a chance we can go back together?

We broke up about a month and half ago. The reason of that was because, when we met, our careers were (and still are) our first priority, and as we go to different universities we could only see each other during the weekends. The days we spent together were a blessing. But as we were separated most of the times, those days were literally hell, for both of us.

I've been talking to our mutual friends and they said he is not having a good time. He is very depressed and that he can't stop thinking about me. That it hurts so much for him the fact we just can't be together. I love him, and I'm sure he still does love me.

I've tried to contact him, many times, in several ways (including writing the most beautiful letter to him), but I have no response. His friends say it's because he has been trying to forget, but he just can't.


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  • It's always possible... question is... is it worth it?


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