How do I get over him?

so my ex boyfriend and i dated for 9 months and broke up almost a year ago he now considers him self my best friend which is true to a degree but im still in love with him, we've talked about it and he has told me that he loves me as a friend but does not feel anything romantic towards me. i want to get over him because i actually would like to have him as a best friend but so far its been really hard for me. he already has a new girlfriend


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  • Better check with his new girlfriend before trying to be friends with him...

    • she know we still talk as friends and that we are really close. he says it doesn't bother her

    • She could be lying

What Girls Said 1

  • ohh wow. Well you could stop talking to him for one cause he has a girlfriend and to help yourself to forget him. you could start crushing, i will be honest it will take long time but keep yourself busy so you think about him and the past.


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