Ex boyfriend so angry and bitter, why?

My ex broke up with me by way of complete and utter silence nearly 2 months ago! I'd tried texting without any response so I gave up.
Sadly I got drunk the other day and told him I missed him... However, a day later he texts me calling me a slut, calling me desperate for being on a dating website and demanding I answer the f***in phone so he can tell me what he thinks... Luckily this was whilst I was asleep and has since caused me to change my number! I know he has his own demons after he lost his closest family member late last year, but what the hell?

Why do exes turn this hostile when they were the ones that ended it?


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  • He's your ex now and if it's ex (s) who ended this, they won't care about your feelings at all. In fact they would seek to offend you.
    Don't contact him anymore. Just forget him.


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  • Anyone who reacts this clearly still has some sentimental attachment toward the relationship. I call bullshit if he said otherwise.
    But the problem isn't that mutual attachment.
    its the abusive talk. Has red flags written all over it. Maybe its a good thing it ended.


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  • Honestly, he sounds like he has issues. He is too immature to control his emotions and lashes out in outbursts against you. Though I think that if he gets that angry with you, he is still emotionally invested in you in some way. Some people are just not worth your time I'm afraid. I know it is hard since he probably meant a lot to you, but why would you want someone in your life who degrades you by calling you foul names?

    Keep your chin up and they are plenty of good guys out there. If you happen to get drunk, keep your phone at bay so you don't text him. Try just cutting him out of your life for a while - show him that you are independent and capable of living without him. Men want what they can't have.


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