What did I do to him?

Our class went to a hockey game and my bpyfriend sat two rows away with all of his friends which is like 15 people. I'm 13 and my boyfriend is 14 by the way. And in the middle of the game I saw them all looking at me and laughing. I thought I had something on my face so I asked my friend next to me and she said no. I felt my phone go off so I checked it and it said I'm dumping you with laughing and thumbs up emojis. Then I looked at him and all of his friends were laughing and pointing at me. Then they all started texting me saying stuff like oohh get dumped and that I'm a slut. We were literally fine like an hour before this and u don't know what I did to him. Did I deserve to be dumped like this?


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  • I am a little confused... your 13 but yet your profile says age 20? What's up with that?

    I don't know if you deserved it or not? Did you mess around on him... it sounds to me like believes you fooled around on him while you were seeing each other.

    If that is not the case... then perhaps another girl who is a friend has made some stories up about you because she wants your guy... maybe?

    • We were together for three days I didn't fool around with anyone else and no one else would date himand my profile says I'm 20
      so some people don't know my age

    • Okay... just the age thing was confusing me.

      Anyway, he sounds like an idiot. You are probably better off without him. Sometimes its best to take the high road and count yourself lucky if that's the way he is going to behave.

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  • That shouldn't have happened, but he's immature. You're young, and will find someone better and soon. He and his friends can kiss your ass when he comes crawling back to you.

  • Sounds like he's just an idiot. Some guys grow out of that, but most of them don't. Move on quick.


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