Why did she do this?

So I met a girl online back in January and and we were getting to know each other by talking on the phone and texting. We both wanted to meet each other and had planned to go out a few times but schedules just didn't match up and so hadn't actually met in person yet. It was supposed to work out last Sunday and I had planned a great first date for us, but she texted me telling me that she had a big test she had to study for and had to cancel. I was dissapointed but understood, and called her the next day- we talked multiple times a day up to this point- and she didn't answer any of my calls. She didn't text me back either, just severed all contact completely without any explanation. The next day I called her and she picked up the phone and then hung up immediately so I couldn't leave a voicemail. At that point I knew we were done, but was left pissed off and confused. What so you think happened? Also for any girls out there that have done this, why would you think this was an OK thing to do? I know there's not really such a thing as etiquette for girls since they are allowed to act like complete bitches and no one seems to care, but really that's not decent human behavior.
Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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  • It's online dating, she had multiple options, and for what ever reason chose to go in a different direction..
    You were yet to meet in person I understand?
    For all you know mate, you dodged a bullet mate


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