Normal to be very depressed after breakup?

my girlfriend of two years was going to move out with me and bailed out last minute. Her parents scared her into staying with them. I don't blame her because I was going through the fire academy at that time waa very stressed and was moody never showed her attention. Thought she would understand and stick through it though. Broke my heart. A week later I failed a test at the fire academy and got kicked out of my class. I have to wait four more months to do it ALL over again.

No job right now. Mimimal friends.. feel like I'm annoying them right now. Honestly have never been this low in my life. My parents are even worried about me. This all normal stuff or should I see professional help. No self harm or suicidal thoughts. Nothing like that. Just in a bad funk.


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  • It's totally normal for you to feel like shit after a breakup. Only time and the possibility of new relationships will make it better. You may want to see a psychologist if you think this "funk" is impairing your functioning in society. Actually just go see a psychologist, it really can't hurt. You can complain to them and they have to listen because you're paying them. I tell mine stupid things all the time and he's very nice about it. They're there to help you feel better about yourself.


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