What do I do about my ex bf?

So my boyfriend broke up with me a couple weeks ago and I was really depressed (we had been going out for almost a year--10 months) and my bestfriend had been helping me through it. He was always there when i needed a shoulder to cry on and always me me laugh. Well there's a problem... i think i like him and i know he likes me too... the problem is that my bestfriend and ex used to be like best friends but then they got in some major fight and they made up but theyre not the same now they're just okayish friends. Well yeah so now my bff asked me out the same night that my ex was going to try to get me back. But I said yes to my best friend cause i figured out i really do like him. A lot. the problem is that my ex is telling everyone that I'm a bitch and a slut and whore and is calling me satan. He won't look at me or speak to me but he's still calling me all these things


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  • At 13 years old all this seems like a huge deal.

    In a few years you will laugh at this all. It is less big of a deal than you think.

    You will date many more guys and your heart will probably be broken a few more times. But that is all part of the experience.

    Don't care too much about this. It's not worth getting depressed over. 13 year old boys are immature, so ignore what he has to say

    • I guess you're right but even my best girl friends don't support me one of them even told me to my face i'm a b*tch, and they're taking his side

    • If this girl is "one of your best girl friends", you might want to consider different friends.

      People that bring you down don't deserve you.

    • Thank you... you're right but when people are constantly telling me what he's saying its hard to forget about him

  • First you must decide if you really want your ex back. If no. . . Then you have to ask your BFF if he minds destroying whatever remains of his friendship with his former best friend your ex.

    • Thats the thing... I really like my best friend but at the same time I think about my ex a lot... and my best friend said he will, they're kind of in a fight already

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    • I know i need to forget about him... Thank you both of you @theepill

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