If an ex gets mad when u drop stuff off is she not over you?

I brought somw stuff to drop off. I was completley neutral she seemed really pissed giving me attitude. she broke up with me.. don't get it. She brought up everything I did wrong the the relationship. Said I was using her. That u didn't really love her. I apologized and was kind of tongue tied. I asked if she wanted to work it out. She said it's too late. asked her if she is looking for love again.. said no immediately told me she can't even look at anyone else right now. Said she wants to vomit at the thought of someone else touching me.


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  • oh hell yeah she is still into you ! If she wasn't she would say hi come and have a cuppa and lets talk about ole times. The fact that she is saying all this stuff definitely means that she has been thinking about you ! BUt I really think you are crazy to even consider going back to her - it ended for a reason so be grateful and move on !!!

    • Well it ended because of her parents. She was set to move out with me gave her opportunity to back out before. She said no I want to move out yet still backed out last minute. I was going through the police academy at the time was grumpy I guess moody as she said would snap at her and would say mean things. She called back the next day hysterically crying asking if we can still work things out. I felt like she was just sad and not thinking rationally and told her she should stick to her decision.

      I told her you can have a normal life etc .. doesn't have to do this she just agreed. She said I'll call you back when I stop crying. Never did. Called 2 days later and she stonewalled me asking her if everything is ok. I got pissed at the mixed signals snapped told her I'm done with these games and she's too imatture for this. I then apologized next day said she wasn't sure if she didn't want to talk to me anymore because that was 'mean' what I did. Then this happened.

  • U deserve MUCH better dude.
    Be glad its over.

    • Lol I mean I did do a lot of things wrong was just in a stressful part of my life. You think she's still lingering on though? Her parents threatened to cut her off financially and from her life completley if she kept seeing me. We were going to move out but she pussied out. She was so down before. I even asked her a month before the option to back our she got all emotional and said no.

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    • First chick I ever loved. it killed me when she ended things but she really does sound lost. She completley cut contact and I know she won't contact again for a long time. She went from let's do this let's love out I'm ready I'm never giving up on you to telling me she has it nice at home and her mom makes her breakfast.

    • You deserve MUCH BETTER.
      Please KNOW THAT!!!

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