Guys is this possible?

Okay so me & my ex broke up back in November. I went NC and he quickly rebounded. 4 months later he texts and apologies (now over with new girl & has hit him hard). We've been speaking at least once or twice a week, he's initiated it 70% of the time & tries to keep the conversation going. We've become a lot more closer & have even spoke about the past.

My question is this, is it possible for him to become interested in me again & how I would go about it? I don't want any comments about an ex is a ex for a reason. I've taken my time to heal & get over it and if nothing comes off this I know I'll be fine. I just want to give it one more shot. So guys can you help me? Has anyone become interested in there ex again after months a part?


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  • The missing part to this puzzle is not knowing just why you broke up in November.

    • We both were going through a rough time, his friend was dying of cancer & I had my own problems & we both took our stress out on each other which caused arguments.

    • Lovers learn how to draw close to one another and draw strength from one another in stressful times. With that experience behind you maturing you I think it would be great for you to try again.

    • Yeah I've learned a lot over the last couple of months & have been improving myself. I am in a lot better position then I was when we was together. I believe that it could work out it's just wether he begins to feel the same way over time.

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  • I would say that it is possible but you need to ask yourself if you really want to jump back into a relationship with this guy if he just broke up with another girl. seems like he has issues with being alone and that COULD mean that he is only wanting to be with you because you are familiar and would be easy to go back to.

    • I understand that. And I wouldn't want to jump straight back into things, initially I want to focus on our friendship and get that level of trust & intimacy back first but without getting friendzoned at the same time.

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    • Yeah I think my next step is going to see if he wants to go for a coffee for a catch up in person, just a friendly date & for us to reconnect in person. He did bring up meeting when we first started talking, so I guess I'll just take the leap & ask him in a casual way. And hopefully go from there.

    • well good luck. hope everything works out for you

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  • I think give it a go, definitely..
    Though if he just broke up with someone else very recently, ease into it, take it slow at first

  • it is possible of course but now i guess it's hard since he's with another girl basically :-/

  • Sure, just take it slow.


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