Getting over him? so lost?

My boyfriend broke up with me on Sunday, we were dating for three months, he has a lot of family issues and stress right now and he said he needs to "figure things out" but he wanted me to know that he cares for me. For me it was a tragic loss. I loved him, the times we spent together were always the best, he took me everywhere dinner, dates, even concerts. We had a very special bond he even said I was special... then it all went opposite and I am just heartbroken. I haven't had much time on my own... I have always been a girlfriend, I love being in relationships. I haven't been fully single and on my own since I was 17!

Im almost 24 now so I am scared. I had a serious first love back in high school that I had a on and off relationship with from 2008-2010, then I had a serious boyfriend from 2010-2014 we broke up late last year. A month goes by and I come across this fantastic guy (my most recent ex) we had so much in common and spent so much time together. Every evening when I either got off work or finished hw, or went to the gym I'd head over to his house we'd talk about music a lot (he appreciate it the same) and bond over things, dance, sometimes drink, watch movies, cuddle and of course have amazing sex. And for a moment I thought "If I ever lost you I dont know what i;d dp" you ever have that feeling when you're with your gf/bf and you think if i ever lost them i could never love again but later on you end up doing so... but for some reason I took this breakup very very hard. Much harder than my bf before that of almost 4 years! and now I am alone for the first time in almost 7 years... felt like I lost who i am... I feel incredibly alone and sad... and i know time heals all but im in SO much pain... please if anyone has words of wisdom. coping mechanisms, advice or just kind words... thank you in advance <3


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  • Time. Time is the key.
    Not only time to get over him, but also time to get to know yourself.
    You haven't had a long period of singledom since you were 17. At 24 you're probably an entirely different person. Being single isn't something for you to be afraid of. Of course mourn this relationship - but also take time ye to get to know yourself again. Find out what makes you happy.

    It's the perfect time to get to know yourself again. Get to know who you are and exactly what you want. Being single is a lot less scary once you become comfortable with the idea of it.


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