Swore he was the one, now he's gone?

I knew this guy for years. He was the sweetest guy so caring. For years I was always his dream girl he always wanted me and was head over heels for him. Unfortunately through out those years I never really felt the same up until December of last year. In December we started to talk a whole lot more, went on dates and became closer than ever. On one particular date he told me about a short fling he had where he slept with some girl a couple of times months ago who ended up pregnant (I mentioned in previous posts). The way he described it to me was more of a "it's more than likely not mines but I'll get the DNA test once it's born.

I didn't think too much into it when he first told me. Later on I would say a month later I started to think more about it and asked more questions. I realized he was scared to death and miserable about that whole possible child situation which made me realize that it's a huge possibility it's his child. The girl is also due any day now. We were together from December up until last night. Overall I felt we were so perfect for each other. His family welcomed me they were amazing and wanted us to work. I won't lie and say the whole idea of the high possibility of him having a baby on the way with someone else didn't bother me cause a lot of times I would get down and sad about it. I started to notice this situation was weighing him down. He started to get mad at me over little things.

Like yesterday morning before the break up I told him I had a dream he cheated on me. He got so pissed off and turned cold and mean towards me. He said through text "I think it's best we don't be together. I begged him to let me come to his house so we can talk in person. I basically tried to bargain with him. I told him I'll accept the situation and be there for him. I even cried for hours and hours in his face. He wouldn't budge. He said he's leaving me cause he cares about me and doesn't want me in an uncomfortable situation.


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  • Awww.

    How sweet. He had a careless and irresponsible fling with someone and she ended up pregnant.

    Then, as a product of his own actions, he decides to show a lack of discipline and control by getting mad at you over little things.

    Sounds like a real winner.


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  • This is such a new fresh situation for him, his family and even you. It certainly sounds like he is going to protect you as he indicated in the end.

    I wouldn't think of it as him being gone. I would think of it more like he needs time to assess the situation and take it all in. Once that happens and his feelings are still there, he very well may be back. Patience is key in this situation, I do believe.


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  • What a touching story. I think he needs space coz he got a lot on his mind. Leave him for a while like a month or 2, if he comes back he is yours but if he doesn't, he was never meant to be.


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