Why did he linger after the breakup?

This guy broke up with me because he said he could not see the long term potential for the relationship. He kept asking me if I hated him so he obviously had guilt but he also didint seem sure, he said it was going to be hard but that it was for the best. before he left he stood at the doorway and looked at me for a good 3 mins in silence and then said yeab ok I need to do this It's going to suck. we had only been datinf for three months is it possible he was really questioning himself and wasn't sure or was he just bs me and trying to make me feel better by being dramatic.


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  • Yeah it sounds like he made a fickle decision. 3 minutes at the door though? That's just awkward...

    • yeah and he lingered talking things through for a good 2 hours before the stare down at the door. Do you think their any chance he'll be back?

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