What are the chances of a man coming back if he broke up with you after only dating three month?

What are the chances a guy could change his mind about breaking up when only dating 3 months. He seemed to have commitment issues based on past dating experiences, his major insecurities (bring cheated on) and being brought up in a negative family environment (divorce). The reason he broke up with me was because he said he saw no long term future one of the reasons being not being able to trust me, scared I'd be unfaithful (he'd been cheated on before). He said it was hard decision and seemed unsure.


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  • 13.297/100 are your chances, as an avid gambler, that is a bad bet. Move on.

    And divorce isn't necessarily a "negative environment" though it could have been for him specifically.


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  • I'm sorry to be that person but I don't see why you should fall for the reasons he gave. If he truly wanted you, he would have chosen to be with you. His reasons sound more like excuses to me and the same old story lots of guys use. Move on and don't put your hopes up. The odds seem low to me and other than that he chose to leave you which should be enough for you to end it. No one deserves someone who took a look at them originally and said " thanks but no thanks". You deserve far better than that xx


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  • He probably won't come back, and I would advise you don't wait for him and move on.
    Believe it ir not, he's more likely to turn around if you forget about him, improve yourself and find someone else. Go cold turkey on contact, don't chase him and don't try to stay friends.


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