I broke up with my boyfriend, how do I get over it?

Yeah I carelessly broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years because he didn't care if we were in a relationship anymore. Like he did care but he didn't. Exactly what he told me. I drove him to not care because sometimes we would argue but not a lot, but more than usual and I would get attitudes and distant myself from him because I wouldn't feel like dealing with anyone or taking it out but he was very loving and always wanted to be with me which made me more upset when I wanted to be left alone and cooled off for a little. But we did love each other so much, we were each other's first and first serious relationship. I didn't always kiss him when he wanted me to but we did hug and hold hands and were always loving towards each other just not a lot of kissing. I guess he didn't like that. Well anyways I broke up with him and afterwards I apologized and we were okay, we were going to have lunch together but I screwed things up so he was done with me and again I apologized and cried for him to take me back but he didn't want to anymore. He was tired of me and hurt.
I just need some advice and help. I know what I did was wrong so please don't give me craps and tell me how I was a jerk or a b*tch. I've heard enough of that already.
I do love him so much and don't get me wrong he wasn't an as*hole boyfriend. He was very sweet. But I just I don't know what my problem was. I was willing to change the attitude and stop arguing so much and I meant that. I wasn't just saying it to reel him in again and hurt him.
I miss him a lot and it's been over a month. I just want to get over him because I know we'll never be together again.
Don't say to get another guy either because I'm not getting into another relationship with my old one haunting me of feelings.


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  • Simply you can't just get over your boyfriend with any ordinary way... time heals all wounds.. it may take a year.. but eventually you'll forget your hurtful past.. hopes best luck...

  • Have lots if casual sex, that's what most women do the moment they become single, almost like they already had them lined up


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