Why is my 'exs' best friend flirting with me right in front of him?

So this guy and I flirted together for a few months, although nothing was really official we were really close and i knew that he really liked me (i did too but we never told each other, i know, stupid..) . He suddenly started acting distant and i didn't do anything because i thought he needed space. then out of the blue he started trying to hurt me by telling me rude things (e. g.: you were just a flirt, nothing more) and by making up the fact that he liked another girl (all his friends told me its all a lie, he even confessed it to my best friend). the other day i went to talk to him and told him i wanted to stay friends and forget everything. and he started screaming and saying that he doesn't want to see me again and he left (i had never seen him this angry…). and then his best friend (i vaguely know him) comes up to me right in front of 'my ex' and starts flirting with me (e. g. taking me in his arms and telling me we should hang out ). he used to flirt with me even before me and the other guy had a thing. but then he stopped. isn't it really rude to flirt with me right in front of me? or is it just some kind of arrangement they made to 'destroy me'? i don't understand how it could not 'affect' 'my ex', he obviously still cares enough to try to hurt me


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  • Ok well for starters your "ex" really isn't your ex, if all you ever did was flirt. Second, I would say that his friend was trying to piss "your ex lol" off and make him jealous so that he would make a move on you and stop being a wimp. Then again, maybe the friend likes you too, I don't know because I wasn't there. I wouldn't worry too much about it though :P The friend is probably just goofing around, the other guy is suffering from some male pms or whatever. you said you just want to be friends, its up to him to decide if he wants to continue being friends and there isn't much else you can do!


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