Still haven't processed my break up completely after one year?

Okay so this is kind of driving me crazy, me and my ex broke up in March last year, so we've almost been a year apart. We spoke in the mean time but not much, maybe once every few months (for example when my dog died or when it was her birthday). I tried talking to her once when i had to work in her town and she was very cold and distant. It's safe to say that we'll never get back together, wich I can totally understand.

The problem is that even when I think about her now, it still bugs me how things went. I strongly have the idea that a girl in my life is what's missing, whilst this has never been a problem for me. I don't think it's healthy that I still think about her now and then (for example when I hear a love song or something). I have the idea that the only way i'll really forget her is by getting a new girl, but then again I feel like this shouldn't be necessairy.. I mean it's been a year and even though I don't cry about her anymore or even though I know we'll never be together anymore I still can't help but think about her now and then, and it makes me sad.. makes me feel lonely..

Anyone shares this feeling?


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  • I think when you have a hard break up, it takes a really long time to get over. You need time, maybe even longer than a year, to get over this girl. I'm sure you'll eventually not feel like she is missing from your life. sometimes it does take someone else to help you forget your ex, and sometimes that is necessary. I think it is normal to remember the person that you loved during a love song, just give it some more time :) I'm sure you'll feel better gradually over some more time


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